Monday, February 25, 2013

Truro in Coventry - the Upside of Jet-Lag

Jet-lag provided the incentive for overcoming some of the technological glitches that interfered with blogging yesterday and you, faithful, readers are the beneficiaries.

The Truro team continues to trickle into Coventry for attendance at the Faith and Conflict event that starts in about 8 hours.  Yesterday, Jackie March and Brent Orrell had an opportunity to meet conference organizer, David Williams and receive a guided tour of the Cathedral.  Below are some of our photos and a bit of commentary on what we've seen so far.

Truro Parishoner Jackie March and David Williams, Faith & Conflict conference organizer

David Williams graciously stepped away from his duties in putting final touches to the conference and led us on short tour of the cathedral pointing out its major features and thematics of fall and resurrection. The ruins of the old Cathedral form a unity with the mid-century modern replacement.  Together, the two structures lead worshipers on a spiritual journey from knowing and feeling brokenness and destruction toward the saving power of Jesus Christ.

There is an unexpected magnificence, beauty and stillness in Coventry Cathedral, quite different than one would expect in a modernist structure.  Every hour, on the hour, a priest comes to the church to lead whoever is present in a moment of reflection, meditation and intercession followed by the recitation of the Lord's Prayer.



    I got this link from Kirsten Boyd, it will connect you to all talks being recorded from the conference this week!


    Bob Tate