Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over the coming week, we will be featuring the participation of Truro Church clergy and laity in Coventry Cathedral's Faith in Conflict conference. Faith in Conflict is dedicated to helping Christians of all walks to better understand and manage conflict as it occurs in the life of congregations and religious communities.

Truro Anglican Church occupies a special place at this gathering. Conference sponsor and the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, has invited our Rector, Tory Baucum, and Shannon Johnston, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, to jointly address the delegates on their efforts to build a relationship of peace in the midst of deep, substantive divisions over critical issues of faith. Accompanying Tory are several members of Truro Anglican including Chap and Sharon Peterson, Jackie March, Isabelle Baucum and Brent Orrell (Vestry Warden for the Congregation).

The purpose of these entries is to provide an account of conference events and to share with the members of Truro Anglican and other interested readers what this conference signifies in the life of our parish as we seek to model how to worship a Lord who perfectly combines truth and love.


  1. Am praying for you!

    I was interested to see that Jo Bailey Wells is speaking and is a consultant for the Continuing Indaba at the Anglican Communion Office headed up by Kenneth Kearon. It's hard not to hear the word "Indaba" and not want to throw up ones hands and run out of the room. I dare say you say the word "Indaba" at a GAFCON primates meeting and you will clear the room there too.

    On the other hand, Jo Bailey Wells said after the election of Mary Glasspool that "the Episcopal Church, by its actions, is demonstrating that it no longer values its place under the historic headship of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and therefore the Anglican Communion." So she is not living in a cloud either.

    I am very interested in hearing what you learn and what she has learned over the nearly five years since Lambeth 2008. Staying tuned!

    Mary Ailes

  2. Sam Wells, her husband, is also speaking as is ++Justin Welby and few lesser known folks. Alot of work will be done in small groups, which are largely made up of practioners. The Coventry network is not entirely new to me - we have had Andrew White and J. John at Truro - but it will be the first time that I have met most of these folks. Thanks for your prayers.

  3. That is right - Canon Andrew White who has been ministering in Iraq through the war and its aftermath. I remember when he was at Truro he told the story of sending his vestry to an Alpha Conference in preparation for the start of their Alpha Course in Baghdad and on their way home from the conference they were all killed. He knows up close and personal the cost of discipleship.

    For those who would like to hear Andrew White's talk at Truro - go here:

    And J. John - what an inspiration he was when he preached at Truro as well. It had a major impact on me. To hear his sermon at Truro, go here:

    It is good to know they are both involved in this effort. Come, Holy Spirit.