Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Truro In Coventry - Relational Orthodoxy and An Unexpected Visitor

This evening Tory and Bishop Shannon Johnson jointly addressed the Faith in Conflict conference.  A audio recording of the session should be available on-line tomorrow.

This evening's interview was in an informal style by Bill Marsh, an attorney specializing in conflict mediation in wide variety of settings including commercial, ethnic, religious and political situations.  The best way to charactertize the exchange is that it was one of truth and charity.  Neither Tory nor Bishop Shannon retreated from their views on the issues that led to the split between the departing congregations and Diocese of Virginia but both spoke with respect and affection for the each other.  Tory called this "relational orthodoxy" in which we seek to express the truth while remembering and honoring the imago dei (image of God) that resides in the person to whom we are speaking.

Bill Marsh, Rev. Tory Baucum, Bishop Shannon Johnston

We were suprised at the end of the discussion by the appearance of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Very Reverend Justin Welby. 


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