Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guest Speakers at Truro This Fall

We have an embarrassment of riches at Truro.  This is especially evident in the guest speakers that come our way.  This fall we have three in particular I want to highlight and ask that you mark your calendar to be sure to hear them.

The Rt. Rev. John Howe will be here October 5-6.  On Saturday October 5, he will preach at Joseph Kitt's memorial service.  Joe was a much beloved priest who John called as his associate in the late 1970's.  On Sunday, Bishop Howe will preach the three main morning services.  We are immensely pleased to welcome back John and Karen Howe to Truro!

 On  Oct 26-27, the Rev Nigel Mumford will be leading a healing mission co-sponsored with Church of the Apostles.  A retired Royal Marine, Nigel has been particularly equipped to minister to those who suffer from various anxiety disorders, especially post-traumatic stress.  This is a great opportunity to minister to those in the military or law enforcement or anyone who suffers from post-traumatic stress - whatever its cause.

 Ms. Anna Halpine is the founder of World Youth Alliance.  WYA is a service and advocacy organization which excels in training young people in social advocacy work from a Christian world view.  Anna will be speaking at an event for Truro young people on Saturday and at the Rector's forum on Sunday, December 22.  A version of WYA and Anna's story is found here:

These three speakers bring a timely message for our parish and I hope you and your family will be in attendance to learn more how we can partner with God in the healing and transformation of the world through the good news of Jesus Christ.  

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