Thursday, July 18, 2013

Known for What We Are Against


The Great Evangelical Recession

A powerful diagnoses and prescription of evangelical Christianity in North America.

All of the vestry and staff are reading this book.  Check this link for a splendid synopsis and join the parish conversation:


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Tory - at least it is available at a reasonable price for the Kindle!

    Concerning the title of your post, there is a fascinating exchange going on over at the Covenant blog in which Gregg Uffman is challenging Ephraim Radner for describing the orthodox position on human sexuality in largely negative terms. Uffman makes a start toward a positive apologetic and describes his goal in broad terms like these:

    "Rather than attacking same-sex unions, we ought to be describing and calling folks to a fidelity in their vows that signifies the covenant of grace, and showing how the Spirit uses such exemplars of fidelity to form the community of Christ such that we are sustained in our mission to the world. The important questions about marriage are not about procreation or questions of natural law but about how the Spirit uses faithful marriages sacramentally to unveil the New Jerusalem, correcting our vision so that we see the world the way it really is."

    That's a start, but I think that he could benefit from looking at what we have done here at Truro over the last few years for some more concrete examples.

    Grace and peace,

    1. Thanks Bill. I will check it out. Very helpful