Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marriage Upheld in the Church of England

See the link below for an article on the most recent legislation on Marriage passed by the Church of England.  This is very good news for the Communion and, I believe, fully consistent with where Archbishop Welby is trying to lead us.


  1. More specifically here:

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  3. Tory,
    I accidentally deleted my comment. UGH! I'm not very good at this blog/comment posting thing. It's probably best that way. :)

    In any case, was just saying that we are so thankful and relieved to learn that the CoE, under Archbishop Welby's leadership, is standing firm on this issue. We have hoped and prayed that Anglicanism will remain that sacred space and safe place as Christians face an increasing level of persecution in the times ahead.

    I found this gentleman's experience and admonition to be so very helpful for me in processing through even more of the ramifications of SSM. I wept when I read this. I hope others will read and ponder this man's words.