Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Francis, The New Pope


Don't know much about him but was encouraged to read this from Archbishop Venables:

“Many are asking me what Jorge Bergoglio is really like.
He is much more of a Christian, Christ centered and Spirit filled, than a mere churchman. He believes the Bible as it is written. I have been with him on many occasions and he always makes me sit next to him and invariably makes me take part and often do what he as Cardinal should have done. He is consistently humble and wise, outstandingly gifted yet a common man. He is no fool and speaks out very quietly yet clearly when necessary. He called me to have breakfast with him one morning and told me very clearly that the Ordinariate was quite unnecessary and that the church needs us as Anglicans. I consider this to be an inspired appointment not because he is a close and personal friend but because of who he is In Christ. Pray for him.”


  1. This is very encouraging. Thanks for posting. I believe the Catholic Church buoys all of Christendom and it's leader impacts us all.