Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Canon Theologian of Dodge City, Kansas

The inimitable Ashley Null is teaching Cranmer's Theology of Worship at Truro this week.

I met Ash the first time a decade or so ago at the vicarage of Holy Trinity Brompton.  Ash had been the tutor of The Rev Sandy Millar's son, Sam, while at Cambridge.  We hit it off immediately.  Once we learned we both hailed from Western Kansas, we have been thick as thieves.

After Cranmer, the poet of Anglicanism, we share enthusiasm for cowboy poetry, High Plains lore and the writings of interesting people like Jim Hoy.  Jim is a medievalist by training and cowboy poet by temperament and calling.

Our next big project is preparing a conference for the sesquicentennial of the Chisholm Trail and then riding it together in 2017.  A true "City Slickers" moment.  Hopefully, Truro will be in its new buildings by then. 

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