Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Missio Alliance: A New Mission Initiative

Dear Truro

A new interdenominational mission initiative is being launched this spring and yours truly is involved.  Our first conference will be held next April 11-13, 2013 in Alexandria, VA. How did I get involved with this groups of mission practioners?  Partly through my work with Alpha, in part with my involvment with Fresh Expressions (a church planting movement out of the Church of England) and partly because of my deep collaboration with the Virginia Baptist.  This is a wonderful group of brothers and sisters in Christ who are rising to the challenge of the mission field which is emerging in North America.  Please read below for information concerning the network of mission practitioners and our first conference.

As the Church in North America wrestles with the complex realities of an increasingly Post-Christian cultural context, there’s a need to consider afresh what God is doing and calling us to in His Mission. In recent history we have witnessed increasing fragmentation within evangelical Protestantism and sharp denominational decline. Yet even amidst these challenges, we believe there is a unique opportunity to work toward the renewal of the Church for Mission in North America.
The Missio Alliance seeks to provide a seeding ground for such renewal. We aim to bring pastors, practitioner-theologians, leaders, and missiologists together from across the spectrum of the North American Church to work for a Kingdom-driven, gospel-centered, biblically grounded theology and ecclesial practice for God’s Mission in North America.
We seek to provide a place for theological dialogue, training, and the creation of resources to navigate present and future missional challenges. Grounded in The Cape Town Commitment of the Third Lausanne Congress, these endeavors will emerge out of a strong and distinctive theological identity that is rooted in relationships. We will seek to cross cultural and denominational boundaries, creating by the Spirit a gospel dynamic for discerning the challenges of our time.
In these early and formative stages, the Missio Alliance is seeking to build generative partnerships with leaders, churches, networks, denominations, and centers of theological education. 

For more information, click here to view the brochure. 

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