Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Making the World a Better Place with Chocolate

Check out some great chocolate at www.askinosie.com

"My friend Shaun's staff is wonderful to work with, just like mine at Truro" 


  1. Sounds fun. We've spent much time/will spend much time in Springfield as we have three kids that have attended or are attending Evangel, one plus her husband that attended Missouri State for their masters, and one wedding. So we've had rolls thrown at us, gone to Laura Ingall's home, etc. but never a chocolate factory! Yum. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Julie Walsh

    1. Julie

      I especially recommend Askinosie chocolate after a day at Silver Dollar City :)

  2. Hello Tory and lovely ladies,
    I've said to my kids that at one point (preferably more) in their privileged lives, they need to do something that requires a hair net or gloves. I meant take part in manual labor and serve others; be humbled. But now that they know this chocolate gig is a possibility, I will have to change my talking points.
    We are sending you electrified sonic waves of love and prayer! Miss you all and wish you rest, healing, and great enjoyment!
    (no comments from you series comma haters...)
    - Sharon Petersen and family
    Bring us back some chocolate (dark) heheheh

  3. Sharon

    Making chocolates is harrowing work. First, you have to hand shuck all those cocoa beans, then mash them in large steel grinding wheel.....

    Worse of all is,all the chocolate must be taste tested before wrapped.

    Character building work.

    I hope you reconsider


  4. What a sweet job! I actually had a craving for a dark chocolate bar after seeing the pictures. But I really enjoyed reading about how and why your friend started his business. I love that he gives back to the kids in the area through Chocolate University and has relationships with the farmers that supply him with the cocoa beans. What a great job! Mary

    1. so much for giving up chocolate for Lent!